The Yogawege Intensive in Slovenia is a yoga teacher training designed to immerse youself in the practices and philosophy of Yoga. Starting on the 23rd of September 2017, it consists of two modules. Module I focuses on the refinement and deepening of your own practice. Module II explores the art of teaching.

This 200hrs course is suitable for those who want to become Yoga teachers and for Yoga teachers who would like to deepen and enrich their practice. Our aim is to give our teacher trainees  the necessary tools to practice and teach safely, responsibly and in a way that is genuine, empowering, inspiring and true to the tradition of Yoga.

The Teacher Training is fully accredited by the Yoga Alliance® (US), which is globally recognized and sets curriculum standards.  All of the modules will be taught in English.

This teacher training is designed for those who have been practicing Yoga regularly for at least 2 years and who would like to refine their understanding of the practices, explore the philosophical teachings of Yoga and are passionate about sharing that knowledge with others. Yoga teachers who want to deepen their knowledge and enhance their practice are also very welcome.

Please email or if you would like to register and we will forward you the registration, recommendation and payment forms.

The primary areas of focus are Techniques and Practice of Asana, Pranayama and Meditation, Anatomy and Physiology, Yoga Philosophy and Ethics, and Teaching Methodology allowing you to: 

  • Deepen your asana, meditation and pranayama practice and explore their powerful effects
  • Refine your understanding of anatomy and physiology, so that you can teach your students safely and responsibly
  • Understand the principles of optimal alignment to offer appropriate and safe modifications in mixed level classes and to students with injuries or health conditions
  • Explore the history and philosophy of the Yoga tradition
  • Learn to plan classes that leave your students enthusiastic and touched, through skillful sequencing, theming and appropriate use of language
  •  Identify your strengths and address your challenges to create classes suitable to your style of teaching
  •  Learn how to appropriately adjust students to reinforce their practice
  • Explore effective ways of demonstrating asana
  • Learn to identify students’ needs and teach to those needs
  •  Learn the language of yoga so that your students clearly understand your instructions
  • Learn how to guide your students through breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques

Be aware that this is an intensive Teacher Training course. You’ll find you will absorb much of the subject matter during the course and also over time as you practice what you have learned. Yoga cannot be learned in the course of a few weeks and you will never reach a point where you have perfected learning it – rather, it all is a process of refinement. These intense days constitute your starting point on your Yoga journey. This is where it all begins!

Course Detail - Content and Structure

Module I:


The Skeletal System

The Muscular System

The Respiratory System

The Nervous System

Connective Tissue

Biomechanics lower/ upper body

Therapeutic application of asana

Injury prevention/ Contraindications


Bring focus and devotion to your asana practice

Develop self practice through deep listening

Mobilization exercises

7 different sun salutations

Explore the fundamental groups of Asanas (standing poses, forward bends, back bends, twists, inversions, neutral poses, restorative poses, hip openers, arm balances) under consideration of elements of spiraldynamic®



Module II:


Structure of a Yoga class

The role of the teacher

Methodology of teaching Yoga

Class preparation and design

Different teaching styles


Voice/ Language

Designing and guiding through creative sequences of Asanas


Historical development of Yoga

Yoga philosophy in your everyday life

Non-dual Tantric philosophy



During this teacher training there will be homework assignments and assessments that all students need to complete successfully in order to receive their certificate. Our intention for setting these assignments and assessments is to support your own understanding, growth and confidence as a teacher, by giving you the opportunity to reflect, contemplate, journal and ask questions.

Venue, Dates and Details
Module I: 23rd of September- 7th of October 2017 (100h)
Module II: 5th of May- 19th of May 2018 (100h)
in Portoroz, Slovenia, 4*Spa Hotel of the Life Class Group

The teachings of Yoga have always been transmitted orally leading to contemplation and subsequent conversation. We understand that our time together will be very intense and that certain questions will appear as we progress through the training. To help students absorb the material, we will supplement the syllabus with 3 conference calls allowing students to ask questions and discuss anything regarding the training. You will also receive different resources via email. These will help you to deepen your knowledge and understanding of the practices of Yoga and allow you to explore key elements for becoming an inspirational yoga teacher.


A typical Training Day in Slovenia:

7:00am– 9:00am: Asana and Pranayama practice-

                                The morning classes aim to deepen and refine your own practice

9:00am– 10:30am: Breakfast

10:30am– 1:30pm: Contemplation and Analysis of our morning class

                                Yoga philosophy

                                Diving deeper into Yoga philosophy and the different Yoga paths

1:30pm– 4:00pm: Lunch break

                               Contemplation, journaling and assignments

4:00pm– 7:00pm: Analysing individual Asanas, Pranayamas,

                               Concentration and meditation techniques (Part one) or

                               Class set-up, teaching practice, group work (Part two)

7:30pm-9.00pm: Dinner

9.00pm-10.00pm: Evening meditation (twice a week)


Fees (in Euros):
Choosing a suitable training course for you requires consideration, so we have included most of your costs in the following packages. Please note that there is a non- refundable deposit due at registration for all packages. Below is a summary of what is included:

Christmas Special €3999 (valid through 6th of January 2017)
(€450 non-refundable deposit, €1999 due 4/15/2017; €1550 due 8/31/2017)

Super Early Bird: €4488 (valid through 23rd of February 2017)
(€450 non-refundable deposit, €1485 due 8/15/2017; €1358 due 1/31/2018; €1195 due 4/15/2018)

Early Bird €4695 (valid through 23rd of June 2017)
(€450 non-refundable deposit, €1692 due 8/15/2017; €1358 due 1/31/2018; €1195 due 4/15/2018)

Regular €4897 (valid from 24th of June 2017)
(€450 non-refundable deposit, €1894 due 8/15/2017; €1358 due 1/31/2018; €1195 due 4/15/2018)

What’s included: Teacher training fees for Module I and II, Workbook, Accommodation in a twin bed room in a 4*Hotel of the Life Class Resorts in Portoroz for 28 nights incl. Breakfast and Dinner.  Single rooms are available on request.

Additional costs: Travelling arrangements to Slovenia, Purchase of recommended course books, Bus from Ljubljana airport to Portoroz (This will be arranged by us. If you have your own transportation, please let us know)

What else is there to know about the yoga teacher training?

How many people will participate?

We want to have a small group so that we give enough support to all of our students. Therefore we will not have more than 26 students within the group. The atmosphere is always very informal and friendly, there will be a lot of work in groups and usually great new friendships evolve out of it. Aside from the organizers and heads of the training, there will be assistant teachers and guest lecturers, depending on the size of our group.

Where can I meet the organizers/heads of the training?

You can come and participate at our free information days all over Austria and London, UK or just sign up for a drop-in Yoga class. If this is not possible for you, we will be sure to find other ways, i.e. via Skype or phone.

What are the requirements for a positive completion of the training?

The Yogawege Teacher Trainings are based on the international guidelines of the Yoga Alliance’s® 200 hours training. After completion of all demonstration classes, written exams, a practice report, homework, book reports and presentations the participants obtain graduation certificates. Some of the written homework assignments are to be submitted after the intensive training days. After the training, you have six months to submit all written assignments in other to obtain the graduation certificate.

Because of its intense and compact form, this training is designed as a first starting point on your ever deepening Yoga path. We highly recommend to continue your practice with experienced Yoga teachers after completing the training and to observe as many classes as possible.

What to expect from the yoga teacher training

A profound personal development and thorough insight into the many aspects and paths of Yoga. Yoga has so much more to offer than just the physical exercise and breathing techniques. Meditation, cleansing exercises, principles of the different philosophical schools are some of the areas we will explore to support your growth as a yoga practitioner. and teacher.

Our Teacher Training starts by examining the most tangible part of oneself: the physical body and the breath. Our emphasis is on teaching you to develop an awareness of these essential elements to strengthen the physical body and the connection to the power of the breath.  Both you and your students will greatly benefit from these. 

Over the duration of the course, we will gradually progress from a practical and theoretical foundation towards perceiving a new kind of freedom in your own body, extending your limits and exploring the many-faceted aspects of Yoga.

You will be able to deepen your own practice, go through a process of personal transformation, discover and honor your own needs and learn to adjust your practice accordingly.

Module II of the training is dedicated to the art of teaching –you learn how to transmit it to others.. At the end of the two modules you will be equipped with both a fundamental and holistic knowledge of all important elements of Yoga theory and practice allowing you to guide students effectively and clearly through asana classes.


Feedback from Yogawege Graduates:

Dear Christine, thank you with all my heart for this amazing time! It was brilliant! Everything was just great! You, Yoga, the classes, fun and laughter, challenges, limits, pain, success, happiness,…forever unforgettable! (Nina)

Really, it was just too great to find the right words…and I am serious. Ever since the intensive teacher training, I have become a whole new person, it has helped me immensely to let go of old difficulties. You were amazing!!! (Maria)

I very much enjoyed the intensive teacher training among all these wonderful people and in a beautiful atmosphere. The whole time has brought me so far on a personal level. Those two weeks were rewarding, exhausting, fun and motivating, all at the same time. It is truly great that this opportunity of receiving this kind of Yoga teacher training exists. (Gina)

In a time of professional change, the intensive training has helped me to focus on my goals and walk on my own path. During these two weeks, I have become even more aware of what is important to me and ever since, it has become much easier for me to notice the important things and focus on them. (Regina)

 Intense and demanding days indeed, but so very rewarding and organised with such great touch and so varied and exciting – and all of that in the midst of these wonderful surroundings. Yoga practice and meditation outside in nature is truly what makes a Yogi’s heart beat faster. Christine. provides enough structure to find your way around the training and get an overview, but also enough freedom to find your own personal way and try new things (for yourself) … (Andrea)

Who is behind the training?

Antonia Pantazatou came to yoga from a background in classical ballet and contemporary dance, and holds a BA in Dance and a MA in Dance Performance. This intensive study of movement naturally led her to the nurturing, healing and empowering benefits of yoga. She is passionate about constantly refining her understanding and application of the teachings of Yoga, both as a student and teacher. Her classes emphasize optimal alignment and attitude, through which students cultivate great freedom and strength, openness and steadiness, playfulness and mindfulness. Antonia’s intention is to serve her students and support them create a true transformation in their body, mind and heart. 
Antonia has attended several teacher trainings, and is accredited by the British Wheel of Yoga and the Yoga Alliance (E-RYT 200/ RYT 500). Throughout her trainings she has been fascinated by the philosophy of Yoga and the principles of optimal alignment. She is an Anusara Inspired teacher, and has completed several teacher trainings with Bridget Woods Kramer and Sianna Sherman.  Antonia’s dedication has led her to study and to explore many elements of the tradition of Yoga, including asana, philosophy, mythology, meditation, mudra and mantra. Through the combination of these elements we can access all parts of ourselves and live more fully from a place of wholeness, integrity and authenticity.


Christine Stiessel’s passion for Yoga first stirred while she completed a student internship for her business management studies in Hamburg. It t Christine Stiessel’s passion for Yoga first stirred while she completed a student internship for her business management studies in Hamburg. It took only one Yoga class for her to know that Yoga was what she had always wanted to do. Just one year later, she got on a plane to India and completed her first training. In 2010, after a number of years working as a teaching assistant and teacher for the Austria Yoga Academy, Christine returned to Vienna, where she had started her studies. Ever since 2011, she has been founder and head of her own Yoga school “yogawege” (Yoga paths) that offers classes and trainings for all age groups in Austria.

Christine is E-RYT 500 certified and has completed trainings and workshops at Satyanda Yoga, Purna Yoga, Anusara Yoga, Jivamukti Yoga (Immersion) and Rasa Yoga. Furthermore, she is a certified level intermediate Spiraldynamik® specialist, hormone Yoga teacher according to Dinah Rodrigues, Kids Yoga teacher and Anusara Elements teacher. Christine would like to show her students how a life-affirming approach towards Yoga and spirituality can enhance and enrich our lives.