New Moon Circle- Awaken the Power of Fierce Love

10th of November 12.00-2.00pm

Garuda Yoga and Pilates Studio, 26-28 Finchley Rd, London NW8 6ES

The New Moon in Scorpio on the 7th of November in associated with death, shadow and transformation. As we move towards the darkness of winter and the dissolution of the old form, we need to recognize the initiatory rites of death around us. It is an invitation to look within at our own darkness and shadow. Often we resist to look at our own wounds, heartaches and disappointments. This creates our shadow, which can appear in times of challenge and change as depression, fear, self-sabotage, anxiety, resistance or being unauthentic to oneself. However, if we embrace these wounds and face our fears we are able to move through these wounds with grace and authenticity and gain strength and freedom.

This workshop will be focusing on the power of the Goddess Kali, the Hindu goddess of revolution, dissolution and transformation as a result of her fierce love. Kali is the dynamic power of change, which brings purification and strength in all parts of our being. She is the power of love and truth and aims to cut any bonds of ignorance or of our ego. Throughout the practice we will explore her story, mantra, mudra and pranayama. Her practices will give you access to the fierce power within in order to initiate this journey into darkness with devotion to your own authentic self.

‘The way we see Kali at any given moment has everything to do with where we are in our own journey. Whether Kali seems terrifying, fascinating, or loving depends on our state of Consciousness and our level of both emotional and spiritual development. But she always invites us to a radical form of ego-transcendence.’ Sally Kempton