After several years of intensive dance training, I discovered yoga, which immediately made me aware of a deeper source of power within me. Although I had worked on my physical strength, flexibility and awareness of my physical body for so many years through dance, I didn’t feel as strong mentally and emotionally. While pursuing a career as a professional dancer, my enthusiasm about dance was decreasing and my doubts and fears of failure were increasing. Every time I had to audition, I felt a strong contraction and resistance; I was anticipating my failure and comparing myself to others, which wasn’t allowing me to express my passion, skill and love for dance and was blocking my creative power. 
Yoga brought me back to the feeling I discovered when I was dancing at a much younger age, without having the fear of succeeding or failing, but dancing for the sake of expressing the deepest part of myself through movement. I was reminded of that feeling of openness and connection to a power much greater than my individual self and felt supported and encouraged to pursue what I love, no matter the challenges I would have to face.

For the last 8 years I have taught in several places around London. Very soon after my first teacher training I discovered Anusara Yoga, which transformed my understanding of the physical body and of the power of intention. Anusara yoga focuses on the attitude, alignment and action, combining the biomechanics of the physical body with the right action and with a clear attitude or feeling. These different heart qualities emphasized during class can help us explore different ways of being and engaging we might have forgotten or not cultivated enough. The power of intention can lead us to greater growth and allow us to explore the possibilities of all parts of ourselves.

My intention as a student and teacher of Yoga is to refine the way I am, the way I teach and the way I can help my students grow, connect with their inner power and help them create the transformation they long for. My continuous study, refinement and exploration of the practices of Yoga aims at encouraging students to cultivate openness and steadiness, playfulness and strength, clarity and compassion, in order for them to experience greater freedom in their body, mind and heart.

Teacher Trainings:

  • November 2015- Rasa Yoga Teacher Training (300 HRS)- Sianna Sherman
  • July 2015-The Goddess Progect (Online Course)- Sianna Sherman
  • 3-5 June 2015- Teacher Training- Sianna Sherman
  • 1-3 May 2015- The Art of Breathing- Yogacharya Ananda Leone
  • 24-26 April2015- Applying Anatomy to Asana- Dr Ray Long
  •  21-25 October 2014- Yoga Therapy Intensive Course- Doug Keller
  • 26 August- 14 October 2014- Wisdom Goddess Empowerment(Online Course)- Sally Kempton
  • May 2013- November 2014- Advanced Yoga Teacher Training (300 HRS)- Bridget Woods Kramer

Modules included: Therapeutics -Ellen Saltonstall, Philosophy- Bill Mahony, Pranayama- Yogacharya Ananda Leone, The Chakras and Energy Systems- Valeria Rodriguez ,Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Ayurveda, Teaching and Assisting

  • 23-29 November 2013- Tapasya (Triyoga) Hot Yoga Teacher Training- Kristin Campbell
  • September-November 2013- The Art Of Story Telling(Online course) - Zhenja La Rosa
  • 6-8 May 2013- The Art of Teaching- Sianna Sherman
  • 18 May 2012- 3 March 2013- Anusara Yoga Teacher Training (200HRS)- Bridget Woods Kramer
  • December 2012- Philosophy Online Courses- Douglas Brooks
  • 3 February- 22 April 2012- Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training Course- Uma Dinsmore Tuli
  • 6-9-July 2011- Anusara Yoga Therapy Training- John Friend
  • 18-25 May 2011 -Anusara Yoga Level 2 Teacher Training- Sianna Sherman
  • 27 April 2011 - 1 May 2011 -Anusara Yoga Level 1 Teacher Training- Chris Chavez
  • 25 Sept. 2010- 20 March 2011 -Anusara Yoga Immersion- Bridget Woods Kramer
  • 23 May -27 May 2010- Teacher Training- Max Strom
  • 30 April -2 May 2010- Teacher Training- Baron Baptiste
  • 26- 28 March 2010- Teacher Training- Jasmine Lieb
  •  November 2007- May 2009- Triyoga Teacher Training- Anna Ashby, Joey Miles, Carlos Pomeda
  • September 2008- November 2009- MA: Dance Performance- University of Chichester
  • September 2004- July 2005- Professional Diploma in Dance Studies- Laban
  • September 1999- February 2004 -Bachelor of Arts in Dance- American College of Greece (Deree College)